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Brick alive frum
Posted by: speedos - 03-05-2022, 07:41 PM - Forum: Spam - Replies (18)

on fire


i demand this forum smilies are replaced by my face... it is the only way

what is this gayass posting why is it putting every thing in one post like im a nutter

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  Good pictures
Posted by: RustyMoon - 02-17-2022, 03:24 PM - Forum: Images - Replies (20)

Post good images, this is a good image use this as a reference for good images.

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Posted by: Mirosław - 02-15-2022, 09:44 PM - Forum: Spam - Replies (30)

It was a few weeks ago when you got to know of a site promising to turn any penis of any size in a bottomless pit, always craving from new things to churn down in the owner's balls.

It seemed like a good site to spend some time wandering in for the sake of wishing and time wasting. You wandered to the forums: there didn't seem to be a lot of users in there, but a post was quite recent: Op rambled about how he loved the product and how happy he was with it, usual stuff.

You stopped right before clicking the "X" to close the tab. Something had cached your eyes.

It was a small but surprisingly decent quality gif.

The sequence showed a guy holding a brick larger than his hand right before his erect penis tip. He then placed it on the penis head.

And it fucking stretched.

Soon the urethra walls matched the brick shape, letting it sliding into the penis. The hand let the brick go, leaving it swinging along his dick, heading down, only a small part inside; and despite the physics of it, the brick didn't fell. Rather, it started to sink down along the urethra, and as soon as a quarter of the brick was inside, it was straight out swallowed, sucked down, and as the end of it was still deforming the dick, the head returning to it's normal shape, one of the guy's balls expanded, with a rectangular shape: the brick inside.

And then the gif started over again.

Even though you kept saying to yourself that it was clearly a montage, a fake, you kept browsing the site, illegible-gliblish.hungry-cocks.com.onion. Soon you came to know the hows and and the effects.

1 After converting your dick, you would lose the ability to feed yourself normally, to the point of loosing hunger from your stomach and being unable to absorb anything but water through it.

2 No more excrements of any kind.

3 Your cock would then become your universal, omnivore feeding hole, able to swallow anything from marbles to fucking elephants.

4 Your balls could selectively churn and digest to semen anything that was on the periodic table, from stone to meat, and absorb nutrients from it, feeding you; naturally the more similar to you the thing was the more the chances to full your hungry balls for the given day. Anything you chose to not churn would still be around, and it was only a matter of practice to ejaculate it out without having to empty your balls.

5 It didn't matter how massive or how heavy your balls became after being feed, you would still be able to move around as usual. The site clearly lacked documentation over that aspect.

6 Your balls and dick would became near-indestructible: it was impossible to damage or even inflict pain through them with percussion or cuts no matter how strong.

7 There were numerous pills to further enhance it's abilities and characteristics. As expected, none of them were cheap or discounted.

And after a whole week of doubts and browsing, you finally admitted to yourself that you where unable to sleep without thinking about it.

"Fuck it". And that night you ordered the dick pill and a couple of modifiers (well, pills of other colours).

And today, everything finally arrived.

The main course was a small blue pill, like the medical ones one is supposed to take anally.

As per instructions, you took out your hardened, but still normal, dick, then pointed the pill down your dick hole and pushed.

And ache of pain almost made you scream, just to fade into nothingness, right before it hit your. Your balls ached in pain. It was like, infinite, the hole inside your balls that they desperately needed to fill was bottomless. You never felt such hunger, such primordial urge in your entire life.

And then it faded, just like it came.

Something clearly changed, but you where unsure. What if it was a lie? if it was just it? if...

You opted for testing.

With the basic pill, you also took one marked as "size-adapter": it was yellow, and supposedly it would made your dick able to stretch not only the urethra but also it's length and size, to reach and swallow even something meters away when you didn't want to move from the sofa: you just needed to know where it was, and your dick would theoretically stretch to it, grow in size until it was large enough to wrap it and then churn it down ruthlessly like nothing.

Without it your dick would be limited to swallow things you could get near enough to allow your tip to open.

The pill was larger than the main one, like a ping-pong ball. The instructions clearly specified you had to swallow it down through your dick and once dissolved the job was done.

Hopeful, you placed the yellow ball on the side of the table, right in line with your dick. Moving your sides, the tip kissed the large pill. And then, almost instinctively, you commanded your dick to open. You could feel your dick hole stretching wide enough just before you couldn't help and started sucking the pill down.

Twitching and followed by wet, horrible sounds, the ball slided down your urethra, sending you in heaven. And before you knew it, the pill disappeared into your balls, dissolving.

You never felt so turned on on your entire life. You where finally able to cock-vore! Feeling euphoric, you wanted to test it out, to suck more things down in your balls and churn them to semen!

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Posted by: TheDoctorCrow - 02-15-2022, 08:41 PM - Forum: Spam - Replies (14)

We regret to inform you that there has been a 48 hour suspension on your account regarding your subscription to GayHub.com . We noticed you have bought products from our store section. You have exceeded the maximum amount of sex toys. But don't worry! They'll still be delivered, but your account will be disabled. Your shipment of:
- Vibrating Rainbow ButtPlug(s)
- BigDaddytm Massage
- Jefferson Family Sized Lubricant
- Black Night Nipple Clamps
- TesticleTwinetm Testicular Rope
-Spanking Little Blackster
-Santa Rapes Young Adolescent
Will arrive by Tuesday February 27th, 2022!
Have a Wonderful Day!
Your Friends At GayHub.com

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  Play the new game by rustymoon based on real life events of jura
Posted by: RustyMoon - 02-12-2022, 10:36 PM - Forum: Games - Replies (21)


this is the best game i have made, do nothing to win

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Posted by: RustyMoon - 02-07-2022, 05:19 PM - Forum: Games - Replies (1835)


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Thumbs Down broken smily menu
Posted by: RustyMoon - 01-30-2022, 01:58 AM - Forum: Spam - Replies (19)

why isnt the emoji menu working Sad Sad Sad SadSad Sad Sad Sad

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  dead forum
Posted by: RustyMoon - 01-30-2022, 01:24 AM - Forum: Spam - Replies (26)

dead forum lololol http://forum.badcity.live/images/smilies/wink.png

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Bug I still make Johnny Adventure
Posted by: TheDoctorCrow - 01-30-2022, 01:23 AM - Forum: Games - Replies (29)

I still make Johnny Adventure

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  happys pizza lost they mind
Posted by: RustyMoon - 01-30-2022, 01:19 AM - Forum: Spam - Replies (9)


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